IT Suite/Boardroom

  DSCF2351 itsuite DSCF2284

The room dimensions are (10’8″ x 18’8″ / 3.25m x 5.69m)

This room serves two main purposes. Firstly it is our “state of the art” computer training suite with two banks of six computer workstations built into the desk. All twelve computers are connected via our network to high speed broadband and a colour laser printer.

Ideal for publishing A4 posters, newsletters, C.V.’s etc.


These banks can be controlled seperatly which means that the monitors, keyboards and mice can disppear into the specially designed desk giving you a conference table that sits 12 comfortably.

Please note: For health and safety reasons food and drink are not allowed in the I.T. suite.

You may just drop in at anytime to use the computers in the IT Suite, if you wish to enquire about booking the suite for training or a meeting then please contact us.